Importance of a Website

Why Website is Important?   •PK•Business

Why should we create a website for our business in Pakistan?

Maximum Pakistani Businessman think that my business is not a huge business and it is limited to a small city then why should i create a business website?

These type of concepts are in the minds of Pakistani People so the trend of making websites is very low in Pakistan.

Now let,s see the actual reason of a website for any business.

We accept that our parents have developed businesses without any websites but before 10 years the technalogy was not very advance and there was not any requirement of mobile phones and new technalogy has proven their need in every field. Now no one can spend even a single day without mobile phone.

Now every one have android phones with 3G and 4G data packages and they all search on Google for various products and services. Example: Some companies used this technalogy first and got millions of dollers from little investment. i.e Uber and Creem taxi service has generated millions of dollers due to this advancement in technalogy in Pakistan. OLX and Daraz type websites has sold Millions of products online.

Now World is a Global Village and every person searchs on internet and even in a small city every young person searches for the best product and service in their city. If you have a website and google verified business then your business will be availabe on Google Maps which also shows the top business locations on map. How google knows that this business is available at that lication. This is because of smatness of the businessman who not only created a website but also verified his business from Google.

Now we have entered into the new IT generation and even if you have small business then you must create a professional business website and professional email address. Now it will become as important as a Mobile Number so don,t hesitate to make a business website and we know it’s importance and technalogy has proved it’s advantages.

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Some people said that this is waste of money and no customer comes due to these websites so we do not have any requirement of any website for our business. After all our parents have also build this business without any website so we can also do business without any website?

Focus on your Business Growth

Have you seen on media, Big companies are investing billions of dollars on their advertisement. Why? Is it waste of money?

The answer is a Big NO… Investing on any media which represent your business is not a waste of money because it attracts the customers and develop the attraction of a customer and he buys the products more confidently after being inspired by the add and the revenue generates by selling a huge amount of products and this all happened due to advertisement.

I gave this example because advertisement on Media was so much costly that an average businessman could not afford that cost but now a new revival in industry has came. Now Internet has proven it’s power in the business industry and it is so much cheaper than Television advertisements that it’s cost is equal to none.

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