SEO Basics: Importance of SEO friendly domain name

Name•Pk•Business Importance as per SEO

ABenefits of creating .Pk.Business Domain Name and website as per SEO

Whenever you require any information about any topic then you went to the internet and just typed about your qestion and presses search then with in friction of second Google or any other Seaech Engines shows you the results. Now you went on the top results sites to find your answer, you will go very rarely on 2nd or 3rd page of search. It,s means that is you make website on any topic then you must come on first page of google search results.

Now the question arises that how these top sites came on number one page and how we can also come on no 1 page. This is because of their Search Engine Optimization means that the website developers have optimized their websites for that related search term and this is called the SEO in short. SEO is a very vast field of battle for coming on first page of search results.

One most important thing to win this battle of SEO to come on No 1 page is the relevant URL and content. URL shold be short, smart and discriptive. URL should explain the purpose of whole content of page. SEO is a very smart now a days and you should be smart in selecting the proper URL of your site.

Let,s come to the topic that why Pk.Business is a smart choice for your business URL?  Do you know that .Business domain name yearly renewal price if 15 times greater then .com domain yearly price. No doubt .com is a great name choice but it,s a common commercial name for site but it does not explains the purpose of the site but .Business is descriptive domain name which is best for SEO means if your site is educational then you should buy an .edu or .education domain name but if your site is related to business then you should buy a .business domain name.

.Pk is explaining that this URL is related to Pakistan and .Business explains that this domain and website is about any business and then your selected business url on combine meaning will explain the google that this pakistani business is related to which company and branch of business.


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2nd Step in SEO

2nd most important thing is about the long running website means website should not expire after its creation. Many businesses create website but after few years their website expire and all the Google rankings goes to zero. .Pk.Business has solved this problem by providing LifeTime website with no renewals required. Its One time Lifetime website purchase so Google Search Rankings will go higher and higher day by day. Always keep your domain alive is the most important step in the battle of Search Engine Optimization.